Each BILLETSPIN top is machined from premium materials such as steel, bronze, copper and exotic materials like damascus, super conductor and mokume. Each top design goes through rigorous research and design stages before finally being machined by state-of-the-art CNC machines. With dozens of unique designs, BILLETSPIN tops range from simple 1-piece models to more intricate 3-piece and higher. The tops are forged together and meticulously tested and inspected by hand for optimal performance and balance. All BILLETSPIN tops utilize high-quality ceramic or ruby ball bearings which allow for spin times of up to 20 minutes and higher.





I own the prototype Navigator and out of all the BilletSpin Tops that I own, the Navigator is my favorite spinner, hands-down. It has a more compact size in both diameter and stem height than most of the others I own, and that translates to a different feeling when you spin it. It’s much easier to get a stable spin right away, and even when you don’t, it stabilizes faster than any other BilletSpin I own. My average times have been between 9 minutes and 10 minutes on my steel-over-copper version. It’s also a gorgeous design, with the cardinal points in the center glistening in the light which make the top look a lot more expensive than it is. Make no mistake, Rich has made more intricate top designs, but this is the perfect balance in my opinion. Lots of high end detail work AND a powerful performer (many intricate designs spin for less time due to wind resistance & drag), and that’s why the Navigator is my personal favorite design. I plan to own several variations of this one. Visually impressive, long spinning, and compact size… this may be the perfect BilletSpin design.
— Jim Skelton
Absolutely stunning design. I haven’t been able to put it down since I got it yesterday. Build quality is perfect. Rich goes above and beyond for his customers. Between the Facebook page and now the Youtube channel, not to mention the extremely early fulfilment, this whole experience has been top notch. Definitely looking forward to future designs.
— Dan VanDusen
What you are looking at is art. Art with different metals, put together by a beautiful, sinister, mind of a genius determined to get you hooked on pure, balanced and mesmerizing Tops. No batteries. No electricity, totally enthralling. BilletSpin Tops are true EDC art. No matter where you go, pull out a top, give it a spin, and wait to start telling a lot of people about quality Tops. I count myself lucky to own some of his art. DON’T sit on the fence! He NEVER repeats a design.
— Timothy Ahlborn
I’m new to the top world & I feel that I couldn’t have made a better choice! I got my SS/CU/SS top and have been learning how to be a better spinner & even when I mess up the spin this top stabilizes quickly! I found Richard on Facebook (BilletSPIN) & he takes the time to post information, he looks at the comments and respond. He takes time to make sure everyone is satisfied with their orders and corrects ANY issues! He’s even making YouTube videos discussing different questions and topics people have asked about. Just seeing how he has taken so much time to inform and ensure customer satisfaction just makes everything so much better. It’s a good feeling to know your getting a true quality product from and outstanding individual.
— Sam Smith
Received mytop and am very pleased. I can’t put it down. Not only is it awesome looking standing still but the patterns that come out once spinning are very pleasing to the eyes and on top of that the spin is so, so, so, so, so smooth. Keep doing what you’re doing Rich because you are definitely doing it right. Will be backing any project Rich comes out with in the future.
— Luke Elliott
My first BilletSPIN top via a campaign. I love the Navigator! A beautiful fusion of art and science. Received it very quickly – flawless execution on this campaign and on the top itself. I will definitely want to back Rich’s next top. Keep em’ comin’
— J. Steg